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Welcome to the Top Flight Women Only Kick Boxing Boot Camp Movement! Obviously you are ready to join the movement or you wouldn’t be here. You are ready to be like our Top Flight Ladies! Let me tell you a little bit about our Top Flight Ladies. These ladies are not making excuses or delaying on what they want for themselves . These ladies range in age from early 20’s to 50’s and are doing Real Kickboxing and boxing workouts, the latest plyometric and isometric exercises , AND are burning serious calories each and every class. And that’s not the end of it! The ladies keep burning even more calories long after they leave the gym because of how the workouts are designed. Their bodies are revved up, endorphins are flowing So they are feeling GREAT an looking FANTASTIC

….That’s what the Top Flight Women Only Kick Boxing Boot Camp Movement is all about; It’s a life style! And now that you want to be a part of the movement we want to show you how to make it happen with our Boot Camp fitness program, along with what to stay away from so you can finally get the results you have been dreaming about.

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Want to rev up your metabolism? This Is The BEST WAY! We are giving it to you Real and Unadulterated because this is what works. We have to share these Cold Hard Truths with but first check out one of the Ladies’ HIGH Calorie Burning Boxing Sessions. This What You Could Be Doing NOW! click and watch

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If your desire to lose weight and tone up doesn’t cause you to act right now, You will never reach your goal….Well until your desire gets in check with your goal. Lets be honest how many times have you pushed off working out or changing your diet and said I’ll do tomorrow or next or after the holiday? And how has that worked for you?!?! We have explain this to tons of students that their desire was not strong enough to act immediately that’s why they always failed on their fitness goals. They say the tortoise wins the race and gets the prize for being slow…..Not this race! The one who acts now get the prize. You can start by opting on the side to access to some of our best diets and workouts. Then later down the page we make it SUPER easy to act now and get it going. We have for you a FREE Week of Boot Camp, FREE Kickboxing Private Lesson, FREE Consultation, and FREE Physical Assessment. To help all ladies wanting to be a part of the movement we are making to irresistible not to act right now, So they can be like our Top Flight Women that acted immediately.


The Ladies Kick Boxing Boot Camp Was A Really Great Work Out

Nicole B.
Bel Air, Maryland
*results may vary

The I’ve Lost 60lbs Since Joining!

Heni B.
Perryville, Maryland
*results may vary
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New Year Resolutions, or any other resolutions, Don’t Work!

The change you seek is nearly impossible to get by yourself. Just think about elite level athletes. They are not doing work outs, coming workouts, coming up with meal, or sticking to those meal plans by themselves. No, they have teammate pushing them, coaches pushing and motivating them. And let face it after years of doing the wrong things …. It is a challenge why go at it alone. Most resolutions are aborted with in a matter of weeks, and if it makes to mid February it’s a miracle! The crazyIMG_4802 thing is these women do this year after year, getting gym/health club memberships, buy into new fades and never get what they so desire. Our Top Flight Boot Camp Women have a winning structure so they are not left alone to fail. From the different workouts that are lined up for each day, to the weekly assessments, to the instructors motivating and pushing, to women to the left and right that are sweating and encouraging, the ladies are not left alone fail but rather are part of team effort to success!


“My health and longevity are important aspects of my life. That’s why I really enjoy and need this  womens boot camp training in my weekly routine. The exercises are something else, I didn’t think I would be able to do all these workout but I’m right there with younger ladies pushing on and I enjoy it. What I especially like  is that the boot camp instructors push you but can feel the care in their attitude and the way the interact with us. All the ladies in the Harford county area need to feel this. If can do this any able body can do it.” Jonise S.
*results may varycold hard truth3

FAKE Beach body

Lazy Day in the Warm SunTwo common motivators we come across, Ladies wanting to lose weight and tone up for the beach and for wedding dresses/ brides maids dresses. Not bad motivators but ladies constantly go about it the wrong way. And they wait to the last minute for a quick fix which 99% of the time is some unhealthy way of losing weight i.e water pills, weight loss pills, not eating (which really makes you gain weight). 2 points on that 1) The results don’t last if you want to call it a result and 2) Body is so weak and uncomfortable that you can’t even enjoy yourself at the beach. If you want to get toned up for the beach then you need to act now. With the sweat equity you’ll get in our Boot Camp you will have Fantastic Healthy- all natural results … so when you get to the beach you are to looking Fabulous and feel great and can actually enjoy the fruit of your labor. Oh and when you get back  all your hard earned results are still in place! Why? Because it’s a movement and a Lifestyle.



” I’ve always been active with sports and otheractivities but Ive never been this in shape. After my pregnancy I dare not say how much I weighed, jumping on the scale was torture. But After doing all the Kickboxing, shorts sprints, poly metrics, TRX workouts, even  light weight training, I’ve lost over 50lbs and counting. The Workouts are fun and challenging, but nothing I cant handle. I really enjoy the support fellowship I have with the other Super Women and after a long day of work I really look forward to the womens boot camp. My arms and legs haven’t been this toned since college. The only complaint I have is just about all the clothes I wore before getting pregnant are too loose now. The best thing is I am fitting outfits I couldn’t fit in prior to getting pregnant.” Nicole S.
*results may varycold hard truth 5c20267f_in-living-color-1990--645-75
Lifting Weights!!! Most women run away from lifting weights like it’s the plague! Like if you they lift weights they will lose their femininity and look 
like Jim Carrey’s character on “In living Color”. The truth is you absolutely must have weight lifting included in your work out and will not lose your femininity  IMG_4814 from lifting. Adding weights to the workout tones muscle and burns the fastest! With the weight we use in our boot camp and with the specific method we do it in ladies are building balky muscle but rather lean-sleek muscle toning with a nice touch of definition especially in your arms and legs.

If you live in Belcamp , Aberdeen, Havre De Grace, Joppa, Abingdon, Bel Air, Forest Hill, Fallston, Perryville, North East, Rising Sun, Or in the surrounding Baltimore Metro Area really want to what the Women Only Kick Boxing Boot Camp Movement is all about, then here is your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to get the results you have been dreaming about. Act Now and we are Going Sweeten the Pot for you. You have nothing to lose by acting now. Fill Out the Form Below

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Women Only Fitness — 2 Comments

  1. This program is excellent!! If you have fitness goals you want to achieve (weight loss, toning, etc… ), this is the place!! The program was designed exclusively for women and is tailored to working out those hard to lose areas (especially for Moms :)!!) The staff and instructors are really motivating and the environment is really friendly and positive. The other women in the bootcamp are great too. All in all I feel very empowered and happy my goals are being achieved!

  2. The TF Women’s Bootcamp is just what I needed after having my 2nd child. I am determined to get healthier, but needed a coach to help me through. Well with the bootcamp there are several coaches who genuinely care and a large team of women supporting you. The workouts can be intense sometimes, but it forces me to push myself and each time I learn more about my abilities. I’m stronger than I give myself credit sometimes. 1, 2, 3 Superwoman!

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